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Our Services

Landlord? Employed? Higher Rate taxpayer?

If you are a landlord, company Director with benefits or an employee with more complex tax affairs then Tax Link are waiting on your call!

With the advent of the Self Assessment Tax regime more and more people are now required to prepare, complete and submit an annual Self Assessment Income Tax Return form.

In completing these forms it is crucial that you are aware not only of all of the pitfalls that are in your way but also all of the possible benefits and allowances that you should be taking advantage of - this is where we at Tax Link can ensure that you are making the absolute most of what is available to you!

We also have extensive experience of the property rental Market so are ideally qualified to guide you through the minefield that is faced by landlords. Whether you have one property or one hundred we are sure that there are advantages that we can bring to your portfolio to ensure that you are managing your affairs to your utmost advantage. Have you considered the different tax treatments of letting property furnished as opposed to unfurnished? This seems like a simple question but can have a massive implication on your tax liability for example.

To summarise, Tax Link are not only here to help people in business for themselves - with the ever more stringent and complicated tax legislation it is becoming more and more crucial that everyone takes some advice to ensure that you are not paying more tax than you have to!

Give Tax Link a call to see if there is anything that we can do to assist you - initial consultations are free of charge.


At Tax Link we try to make a real effort to get to know you in order to enable us to provide you with a service that is both bespoke and professional. We can assure you that you will always speak to a real person who shall do their utmost to assist you.

The accountancy services that we provide can be tailored to your specific needs and includes completion of accounts, payroll services, corporation tax returns, postal tax returns and unlimited access to our staff all for a fixed monthly fee.

We pride ourselves on the friendly, personal and efficient service provided to our Contractor and Freelance clients. As stated above you shall have unlimited access to our staff who shall always take the time to understand you and any issues that you may need addressing.

Services to Contractors

At Tax Link we believe in providing an extremely comprehensive service for a reasonable fixed fee which would be agreed in advance. The services provided would generally include the following:

On a monthly or weekly basis we can process your company's PAYE thereby producing your payroll and weekly/monthly wageslips. On a quarterly basis we shall request all your documentation required to enable us to prepare, complete and submit your VAT return form (which is now done electronically) and advise you of the VAT due to be paid.

Every six months we can also process any dividend requirements that you may have and handle all paperwork and adjustments that may be necessary.

On an annual basis we shall consolidate all of the above information in order to produce the required company accounts, tax computations and other statutory declarations. We shall also complete and submit your annual corporation tax return form, submit tax computations to HM Revenue & Customs and obtain agreement to these accounts and computations.

We also undertake to ensure that all relevant deadlines are met in order to avoid your company incurring any form of financial penalty - we do, however, require your assistance in providing the required information/documentation to enable us to do this.

To summarise, the services provided by Tax Link shall include -

  • Year end accounts
  • Company secretarial assistance regarding statutory forms required by Companies House
  • PAYE & salary administration to include payslips produced as required, year end P35 Annual return including P14, P60 and P11D for the company.
  • Quarterly preparation of VAT return forms
  • Year end corporation tax return forms and corporation tax computations and arranging for submission of these to HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Personal self assessment income tax return forms
  • General and ongoing pro-active tax, accounting and business and tax minimisation advice

Company Formations

Same day company formation with bank account and advice on optimum share allocation.

  • Organising a company bank account
  • Registering the company for VAT and PAYE
  • Advising on the optimum share allocation and structure
  • Complete company formation service with all legal requirements so that you can start trading as a limited company

The details are as follows -

  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Forms - accounting reference date, allotment of shares, appointment of company officers, advising of registed office address
  • VAT and PAYE registration
  • Advice on whether or not the VAT flat rate scheme may be beneficial
  • All available for a low, fixed, one off fee.

Guide to your own Limited Company

Step-by-step Guide

Three easy steps to contracting through your own limited company

  1. Form a limited company
    This will take a few minutes and your company shall be created and ready to go within a couple of hours. There is a one off fee for this which is claimable as an allowable and legitimate business expense through your company.

  2. Appoint Tax Link your authorised agent.
    Once appointed we shall tailor an accountancy package around YOUR needs which can include some or all of the following - year end accounts preparation, corporation tax return, monthly/weekly payroll, dividend administration, completion of VAT returns, completion of annual company return, personal taxation advice, dealing with HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House and creative and imaginative tax planning.

  3. What's left for you to do?
    This, again, shall be tailored to your needs and shall depend on how much or little you feel that you want to do. Normally you would still be expected to invoice your clients (we can supply a template if required) and then be responsible for forwarding the required information to our offices by certain dates. You would also need to pay all bills etc on behalf of the company and ensure that your own wages were paid!

    You can then sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest.

Contact us now for more information